Covid-19 and conception

Conception during Covid-19 Pandemic ?

Having baby is a dream of every family. Particularly if some one is desperate to get pregnant. Conception during Covid-19 pandemic, demands a comprehensive consideration. In true sense conception is initiation of a life and and continuation of blood-line. With conception every family or person think about normal pregnancy – child birth – up bringing and a successful life.

Why Covid-19 is different from previous pandemic?

  • It has invaded whole world within couple of month with very high Infectivity.

  • Despite all development, our medical framework can’t cope the demand of infrastructure: medical team, bed, ventilator etc.

  • Present medicine are ineffective to treat Covid-19 patient.

  • Vaccine development demands enough time.

Study type  – reference based & analytical.

Since conception is commencement of another life. It needs thought at each point. Covid-19 is a new disease. Our current knowledge is limited about present pandemic. Therefore our discussion will base on previous knowledge and presumption.

  1. Because of  dreadful nature of Covid-19, present framework is working to save life. Our current knowledge is incomplete about its impact on pregnancy or lifespan of child.

  2. One assurance : Covid-19 is not related to Zika, which have devastating effect on  pregnancy and fetal health.

  3. During pandemic numerous medical services are curtailed. Even maternity and neonatal services work with limited resource. Associated services like: ultra-sonography, pathology, etc, may have overload due to pandemic crisis.

  4. A known fact that pregnancy alter our immune mechanism. It increase the risk of influenza (near to Covid-19) and could aggravate the illness. Another related disease like MERS and SARS are also having same adverse outcome: miscarriage, premature delivery, growth retardation, neural tube defect.

  5. Based on impact of past viral respiratory illness (Flu, SARS, MERS), ACOG issued a guideline.  According to ACOG all pregnant women should be considered  at-risk during Covid-19 pandemic. It is reported that MERS & SARS carried high risk of miscarriage and premature delivery.

  6. There are multiple reports, suggesting premature birth of baby, where mother was ill with Covid-19.  But till now there is no concrete report to blame Covid-19 for any premature delivery.

  7. Possibility of vertical transmission (from mother to baby) in Covid-19 cannot be ignored. Theoretically it is possible, may be uncommon. In six infants immune antibody of Covid-19 was detected just after birth. Because of bigger size of antibody, it can not come from mother. It means infant got infection of  Covid-19 in uterus.

  8. High fever, whatever is cause, during pregnancy may have concern. Study on animals indicate that fever in first trimester increase risk of heart, jaw, neural tube defect and Autism.

  9. Hypoxia during pregnancy – low oxygen concentration in blood bring intrauterine baby at increase risk of growth retardation, diabetes or stillbirth.  In serious case of Covid-19 low oxygen concentration is invariably reported.

  10. As recommended by American Society of Reproductive Medicine, all fertility clinics should postpone new fertility treatment. Fertility treatment should be started only after getting more knowledge regarding impact of Covid-19 on fertility, pregnancy and different mode of transmission.

Remembering the above mentioned reality and current circumstance, pick your stage and make a decision.

Considering to be pregnant. 

During pandemic fertility treatment stay off the table. As such conception and pregnancy  won’t get suitable clinical attention. Social distancing and isolation will limit capacity of your precious one to support you, when you need. Therefore defer pregnancy thought till end of pandemic.

Determined to conceive – Naturally or by attending ART clinic.

In case you are desperate for pregnancy or your treatment cycle is on the way.  You should consider your own medical histories, mental health, finances and family support before choosing whether or not to proceed. Also consider severity and extent of pandemic in your country.

During pandemic it is advisable not to start new treatment cycle.  Simultaneously understand the impact of delay.  If you think about the decline of fertility with age, it is in terms of years, not months.  There’s no proof that a short delay—three to six months, affects success rates.

Already pregnant

It is evident that pregnant people are more at-risk in pandemic.  Be specific with your physical and mental well-being, medical help and backing of your near and dear one.


All over conception and pregnancy is a very personal issue.  But during pandemic there are many factors to influence it adversely. Therefore it will be a better to delay.

Even you are thinking for gamete preservation for future use, it is not a proper time and deffer it.


It is a retrograde and  references based study.  No grant or any assistance accepted from any organization.


 Thankful to our whole team of Frozen Cell, who supported me to complete this study.

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