Factors Influencing Outcome Of Semen Vitrification In Term Of Recovery, Motility & Overall Result.

Vitrification of semen gives an appropriate result in term of post thaw recovery and motility. Semen Vitrification is convenient & cost effective procedure. Moreover it gives very good progressive motility.


In our ongoing work on Semen Vitrification without H.S.A., We noted some basic factors that influence semen vitrification and its outcome.

  1. Good quality semen gives best result.

  2. Incomplete liquefaction or viscous semen gives a poor result.

  3. Very high concentration of any ingredient (like sucrose) is not mandatory for semen vitrification.

  4. Even presence or absence of H.S.A. does not influence outcome in term of recovery and motility.

  5. Good & progressive motility is a parameter which makes Vitrification superior to conventional sperm freezing.

  6. To get the best outcome there should be a balance between cooling rate of vitrification and heating rate of thawing.

  7. Vitrification of optimum quantity is semen or sperm is desirable. Vitrification of very small quantity will make the final outcome difficult or unmanageable at many points.

  8. A closed carrier is preferred to minimize known or unforeseen complication.

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