Frozen Semen Sample (Raw)

  • Can be used for Intra-vaginal insemination
  • IUI after washing only
  • Being preserved without washing

Its a raising concern that IUI ready Frozen (Cryo preserved) Semen Sample should be inseminated directly or not?

There are many schools favouring that IUI ready Frozen (Cryo preserved) Semen Sample can be inseminated directly.

Question do Exit…?

  • Cryopreservative media are having high concentration of salt , glycerol & high osmotic pressure. Which is not normal for uterine environment.
  • Seminal fluid is having enough antioxidants, which is removed during washing
  • Gradual reduction of temperature during cryopreservation results significant increase in ROS generation.

If the Unwashed or Frozen Semen Sample Raw is placed directly into the cervix or the uterus, severe cramp and even shock may occur.
Once washed, it may be used for an IUI or IVF

Donor Profile

Only Premium donor’s sample are being preserved as Frozen Semen Sample Raw.
Sperm donors with a Basic profile are registered under a unique number like 1/486, 3/285 etc. Basic profiles provide information on eye color, hair color, height, weight, blood group, etc.


Donors are selected and screened in accordance with applicable national and WHO rules as well as the internal policies applicable to Frozen Cell

The selection criteria includes a wide range in terms of age, education, IQ, risk factors, medical history, family history etc. Furthermore candidates with family history of hereditary disease are rejected.

In addition , a thorough medical examination is carried on, blood and urine samples are tested. Finally the donors are being approved by a doctor after conducting an overall assessment prior to final approval of donor.

Each donor is tested for the following hereditary and infectious diseases. Donors will be tested for infectious diseases on ongoing basis for the full duration of the donation process.

Infectious Diseases Hereditary Diseases
HIV – 1 and 2 Thalassaemia
Hepatitis B Sickle cell anemia
Hepatitis C Chromosomal anomalies

OTHER TEST — Complete Blood count, R/E of Urine, Blood sugar, Blood urea, SGPT, serum billirubin.

Each (1.6 ml) cryovial contain

  • 60 – 80 million motile sperm
  • Motility % ….. 30 to 50%
  • Volume ……. 1.6 ml.
  • Stored and shipped in Liquid Nitrogen
  • 100 % leak proof cryovial with double wall and silicon press cap

After Wash Recovery

  • 15 – 25 million motile sperm
  • Motility % — 40 to 60 %
  • Very Good Progressive Motility.
  • Any volume can be prepared

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