In vitro preservation  // Auto  Conservation  //  Auto  Preservation of Sperm

Auto Conservation or Auto preservation or In-vitro  preservation of sperm  means preservation of own sperm for  future use.

In other word auto conservation or auto preservation is insurance for future fertility. The preserved  sperm may be used even after decades, therefore the safest method of preservation should be used.

Long term preservation of sperm with H.S.A. is not a safe method. Firstly H.S.A. is a potential vector to carry microorganism, fungus and virus. Secondly there is always a threat of emerging or undetected viruses/organism.

In future emerging or undetected viruses/organism may be a reason to discard preserved sperm.
In the evolutionary world  auto conservation is now in demand.  The field like oncology, neurology, urology, infertility management are facing problem like no-sperm, less-sperm or abnormal-sperm. To maintain the generation  & reproducing capability, sperms need to be preserved in safest way for future use.

Auto  Preservation of  Sperm

15 – Reasons To Preserve Own Sperm.

  1. Surgical removal of testicle or male reproductive organ
  2. Before  chemotherapy & radiotherapy.
  3. Ejaculatory  dysfunction disorder.
  4. Anatomical abnormality with  male external genital.
  5. During  ART treatment – the person is unable to ejaculate because of psychological issue.
  6. Duty calls. – Husband is not available during reproductive cycle.
  7. Before vasectomy – in case of mind change, auto preservation of sperm may be of use.
  8. Low sperm count – preserving the multiple sample  followed by concentrating before ART.
  9. In dreadful  disease to maintain the generation.
  10. In case of brain death – sperm can be extracted & preserved.
  11. High risk occupation – like person is exposed to higher temperature or radiation risk.  
  12. In case of late marriage, e.g. after the age of 50. It is preferable to preserve sperm in younger age.
  13. Probable risk of infection with STD.
  14. A male planning for sex change  –  in case of mind change, auto preservation of sperm is a good option.
  15. Donation of sperm .

Auto  Conservation of  Sperm

Preferred method to preserve sperms for future use.

In auto preservation of sperm, the ultimate intention is to use the sperm in future.  Therefore it is preferable to preserve the sperms by  using Cryo-preservative compound without H.S.A.
Cryo-preservative with H.S.A.  have a possibility of disease transmission through the blood donors.  The future risk  of  infection with  emerging or undetected viruses / organism  will always persist with any human, animal or avian product.

Where to preserve sperm ?

Before deciding which sperm bank to use for sperm storage, be sure to do your homework.  Freezing your sperm is like a fertility insurance  for future.  Make sure about   —-

  1. Cryo-preservative compound , can it carry any infection? Always prefer to preserve your sperm with a cryo-preservative compound without H.S.A. or any human, animal or avian protein.
  2. Used cryo-preservative compound is free from threat of emerging or undetected viruses? If preserved sperm is having any human or any natural protein, there is a possibility that you cannot use your sperm in future.
  3. Processing and preservation cost.

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