Auto Preservation of Sperms

Auto preservation of sperms  also known as Auto-conservation of sperm or In-vitro  preservation of sperm.  Auto preservation of sperm simply means preservation of own sperm for  future use 

In this evolutionary world  auto preservation of sperm is now in demand.  The field like oncology, neurology, urology, infertility management are facing problem like sterility & infertility. To maintain the generation  & reproducing capability, sperms need to be preserved for future use.

In future Auto preservation of  sperms may be a demand  as a preventive measure  of genetic mutation.  A person make sperm at the age of 20s is less likely than in the age of his 50s  to carry genetic mutation.     

Fourteen reasons to go for Auto preservation of sperms.

  1. Surgical removal of testicle or male reproductive organ.
  2. Before  chemotherapy  & radiotherapy.
  3. Ejaculatory  dysfunction disorder.
  4. Anatomical abnormality with  male external genital.
  5. During  ART treatment  – the person is unable to ejaculate because of psychological issue.
  6. Duty calls.  —  Husband is not available during reproductive cycle.
  7. Before vasectomy  – in case of mind change.
  8. Low sperm count  — Preserving the multiple sample  followed by concentrating before ART.
  9. In dreadful  disease to maintain the generation.
  10. In case of brain death – sperm can be extracted & preserved to maintain generation.
  11. High risk occupation – like person is exposed to higher temperature or radiation risk.  
  12. In case you decided  to marry very late , e.g. after the age of 50. It is preferable to preserve sperm in younger age.
  13. Probable risk of infection with STD.
  14. A man is thinking for sex change – in case of mind change.

Investigations before  Auto preservation of sperms.

Required  —

  • Semen analysis

  • HIV I & II

  • Hepatitis B

  • Hepatitis C

  • Syphilis 

  • Thallasemia

Optional  —

  • ABO Rh
  • Kidney  function test
  • Liver function test
  • Blood sugar
  • Sickle Cell
  • Chlamydia
  • Chromosomal study

In-vitro preservation of sperms

Preferred method to preserve sperms for future use

In auto preservation of sperms, sperms are preserved with the intention to use in future. Therefore it is preferable to preserve the sperms by  using Cryo-preservative compound without H.S.A.

Cryo-preservative with H.S.A.  have a possibility to have infection of  emerging or undetected viruses / organism.  Which is not un-diagnosable at the time of sperm preservation.  Which is always a threat for future use of preserved sperms.

We suggest to preserve seven to ten cryovials of sperm in case of Auto preservation of sperms.


Declaration  by the person before Auto Conservation.

  • I  _______________________________________   declare & sign that I had given my semen   for preservation for my  future use at sperm bank by the advice  of  Dr.___________________________.  We have understanding that preservation of sperms  done at  extreme low  temperature may  affect the chromosome & may lead to  mutation.

  • I am in information  that sperms preservation does not give any guaranty  of successful pregnancy.  Preserved sperms  may be suitable for  IVF or ICSI  according to sperm concentration and  number of cryovials.

  • For IUI purpose sperms following Auto-preservation is usually not suitable.

  • I am aware that  sperms can not be preserved in certain condition.  For failure of sperm preservation  sperm bank will not be responsible.

  • I understand that  sperms preservation  and storage is responsibility  of sperm bank. But  in case of natural disaster  or condition which is beyond the control of  sperm bank,  sperm bank will not be held responsibility  for any damage or loss of  preserved sperm. 

  • I have been informed  that the preserved sperm will be kept for one year (365 days) according to this contract. 

  • Contract  will be renewed annually  for a minimum period of one year.  In case of failure of renewal of contract  Frozen Cell  is authorized  to discard the preserved sperm.   

  • Frozen Cell take responsibility to  deliver the preserved sperm in Delhi & NCR   free of cost during the contract period (once only).  Delivery of  preserved sperm  outside Delhi or NCR  will be chargeable.

                  Name  —-                                                      

                  Date —

                   Place  —-                                                                                    Signature 

                  Self attested ID Proof  —


Pre-requisite   for semen collection  for sperm preservation.

Auto Preservation of sperm is performed in our centers on appointment only.  We  do not perform walking  Auto-preservation.  The time  required for Auto-preservation of sperms  is  3 to 7 days.

  • Three to 5 days of abstinence.

  • Sound sleep before the day of collection.

  • Light meal in the night.

  • Take light breakfast  before collection

  • Morning sperm collection is preferable for better result

  • Clean the genital with soap and plenty  of water.

  • Wash the hand

  • Dry  genital & hand properly.

  • Ejaculate the semen by masturbation  in sterile jar provided by sperm bank.

  • Close the jar tight  and write your name and age on  the sterile jar  & hand over to sperm bank person.


Note  —-

  1. In case collection has been done outside sperm bank, the semen must reach the sperm bank within 45 minutes of collection .

  2. Preserved Sperm can be delivered anywhere in the country  – extra charges apply.

Where to go for Auto preservation of sperms / In-vitro sperm preservation of sperms-

Before deciding which sperm bank to use for sperm storage, be sure to do your homework.  Freezing your sperm is like a fertility insurance policy.  Make sure about   —-

  1.  Cryo-preservative compound , can it carry any infection? Always prefer to preserve your sperm with a cryo-preservative compound without H.S.A. or any human, animal or avian protein.

  2. Used cryo-preservative compound is free from  threat of emerging or undetected viruses ?  There is a possibility that you can not use your sperm in future.

  3. Processing and preservation cost.

Our  Auto Conservation network  in India —

  1. Frozen  Cell, Plot 109, R Extn.  Chandi Farm Road, Mohan Garden,  New Delhi – 110075,

  2. Frozen Cell Infertility Research Center,  Near NBCC  Tower,  Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, RD No – 10B, Kankarbagh, Patna – 800020,  Bihar,

  3. Agatasya  Sperm Bank,  Happy Home, 3rd Floor, Kanak road,  Behind S.T. Bus stop,  Rajkot – 360001, Gujrat .

  4. Liferay  Ferti Solution.  7 – Rangoli, 1st Floor,  Opp – std English school, Vijay nagar, Bangalore  – 560040,

  5. Mumbai  — Up coming.

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