Pre Wash CP

Contain Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sod. Lactate, EDTA, etc in tissue culture grade water to suit the cryopreservation of un-washed human semen. To facilitate cryopreservation of un-washed semen, HSA, Sucrose , Glycine & Glycerol is added in optimum quantity.

  • Antioxidant —- Taurine
  • Antibiotic —- Gentamicin

It does not contain any crude protein like egg yolk or milk powder.


  • Color — Crystal Clear
  • PH — 7.2 to 7.4
  • Sterility — Sterile Filtered
  • Post thaw recovery — 20% to 60% depending upon sperm Quality
  • Sperm Survival — 80% after 45 minutes of exposure with with Pre wash C.P.

Packing Storage & Self Life:

  • 5 ml X 20
  • Packed in borosilicate glass vial with silicon cap
  • Custom pack is available
  • Self life — 6 month

Storage & Use

  • Store Pre wash C.P. at 2 – 8 Degree C
  • Take out only the required number of vials to keep in incubator
  • Use the vial under aseptic condition
  • Do not freeze.
  • Once the vial has been opened or punctured , use all or discard.
  • The product can not be re-sterilized
  • The product are stable during transport at higher temperature ( 37 Degree C ) for 7 days

Pre Use Check :

  • Do not use, if seal is open
  • Discard unused material
  • Do not use , if color has changed , there is any flocculation or any suspended particle.
  • To avoid contamination we strongly recommend that media should be opened and used only with aseptic technique.


  • Keep the Pre Wash C P , semen sample and all plastic disposable in incubator at 32 – 34 Degree C for 40 minutes. Let the semen liquefy completely.
  • In case of low sperm count it is preferable to concentrate the sperm before adding the Pre Wash C P
  • Add 1 ml of Pre Wash C P with 1.1 ml of liquefied semen sample. To avoid damage due to sudden osmotic change to the spermatozoa, the Pre wash C P should be added very slowly (drop wise) with continuous mixing of semen sample.
  • level the cryovials & make one QC cryovial
  • place the semen sample & prewash mixture in cryovials
  • keep the cryovials at room temperature 10 minute


  • Place the cryovials in a Freeze for 30 minutes (not in freezer compartment)
  • Keep cryovials at liquid nitrogen vapor stage, preferably 10 cm above the level of liquid nitrogen in a cryocan for 40 – 50 minutes.
  • Dip the cryovials in liquid nitrogen and check the post thaw count motility after 72 hours of cryopreservation.


  • Freezibility is a factor, vary with individual and cryopreservation is directly dependent on freezibility.   Even very good quality semen sample could not be preserved if freezibility is poor.
  • Factors affecting freezibility – sperm maturity, sperm morphology, ROS, sperm antibody and unknown reason..


  • Freeze-­thawing caused a 32% to 37% reduction in normal morphological forms of sperm.
  • Sperm morphology, motility, mitochondrial activities and viability are equally susceptible to cryopreservation ­induced damage..
  • Once preserved with Pre wash C P , the IUI can be performed only after semen wash by Den – 1 or Den – 2.
  • Not for injection .

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