Post Wash CP

Contain Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sod. Lactate, EDTA, etc in tissue culture grade water to suit the cryopreservation of washed human semen. To facilitate cryopreservation of washed semen, HSA, Sucrose , Glycine & Glycerol is added in optimum quantity.

  • Antioxidant —- Taurine
  • Antibiotic —- Gentamicin
  • Nutrition  – H.S.A. ,  Sucrose

It does not contain any crude protein like egg yolk or milk powder.


  • Color — Crystal Clear
  • PH — 7.2 to 7.4
  • Sterility — Sterile Filtered
  • Post thaw recovery — 20% to 60% depending upon sperm Quality
  • Sperm Survival — 80% after 45 minutes of exposure with with Post wash C.P.

Packing Storage & Self Life:

  • 5 ml X 20
  • Packed in borosilicate glass vial with silicon cap
  • Custom pack is available
  • Self life — 8 Weeks

Storage & Use

  • Store Post wash C.P. at 2 – 8 Degree C
  • Take out only the required number of vials to keep in incubator
  • Use the vial under aseptic condition
  • Do not freeze.
  • Once the vial has been opened or punctured , use all or discard.
  • The product can not be re-sterilized
  • The product are stable during transport at higher temperature ( 37 Degree C ) for 7 days

Pre Use Check :

  • Do not use, if seal is open
  • Discard unused material
  • Do not use , if color has changed , there is any flocculation or any suspended particle.
  • To avoid contamination we strongly recommend that media should be opened and used only with aseptic technique.


  • Keep the Post Wash C P , semen sample and all plastic disposable in incubator at 32 – 34 Degree C for 40 minutes. Let the semen liquefy completely.
  • Wash and concentrate the semen sample using Den – 2.
  • Add drop by drop Post wash C. P. over the pellet & mix to make a concentration of 100 million sperm count per ml.
  • Mark the cryovials with name or number & make one QC cryovial
  • Place the prepared semen sample in cryovials
  • Keep the cryovials at room temperature for 10 minute


  • Place the cryovials in a Freeze for 30 minutes (not in freezer compartment)
  • Keep cryovials at liquid nitrogen vapor stage, preferably 10 cm above the level of liquid nitrogen in a cryocan for 40 – 50 minutes.
  • Dip the cryovials in liquid nitrogen and check the post thaw count motility after 72 hours of cryopreservation.


  • Freezibility is a factor, vary with individual and cryopreservation is directly dependent on freezibility. Even very good quality semen sample could not be preserved if freezibility is poor.
  • Factors affecting freezibility – sperm maturity, sperm morphology, ROS, sperm antibody and unknown reason..


  • Freeze-­thawing caused a 33% to 37% reduction in normal morphological forms of sperm.
  • Sperm morphology, motility, mitochondrial activities and viability are equally susceptible to cryopreservation ­induced damage..
  • Not for injection .

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