Path Cell Viral Transport Medium Kit

                                                                                                                                          Cat. No: FR-15

Contains:  3 ml of Viral Transport Medium in 12 – 15 ml tube. With two sterile swab with breakpoint.

Product description:  Path  Cell Viral Transport Medium Kit is designed for collection, transport  and preservation of  virus.  Specially formulated  to retain optimum  viability and virulence of viruses in the medium during  transportation storage and preservation. It Contains  HBSS, buffer, protective protein antibiotic, anti-fungal, cryo-protectant and phenol red in triple distilled water.

The sterile polyester swab packed individually or in pair with break point.  Designed for collection of nasal and throat swab.

Composition :  Proprietary. As per norm of  ICMR  & Centers for disease control and prevention.                                      Validated.

Quality control

Appearance:      Clear & transparent.

Color:                   Light orange  to light  rosy.

pH:                       7.3 +/- 0.2

Sterility:             Sterile filtered

Observation:     No bacterial or fungal growth appear with 14 days.

Instruction for use

  • Open paper-poly pouch, take out the swab. Collect sample from desired body part.

  • Dip the swab in viral culture medium.

  • Break extra length of swab.

  • Cap the viral transport media tightly.

  • Shake well the tube.

Storage and self life:       Path  Cell Viral Transport Medium Kit should be stored at 15-30 degree  C.                                                                              Self life – 12 months.

Specimen collection:      Isolation of virus depends on method of collection, timing  & sample                                                                  processing.

                                                Collect the specimen in acute phase if illness.

Transportation:               After collection the specimen should be kept in freeze temperature – 2-8                                                         degree  C.

                                               Keep the tube in dry ice during transportation.

                                               Optimum temperature for transportation up to 18 hours – 2-8 degree C.

Preservation:                   Preservation temperature  – (- 70 degree  C).

                                              Avoid repeated freeze- thaw of specimen.


Do not use the product if —–

  1. there is change in the color of the medium

  2. appearance of coagulum or any foreign body

  3. there is any sign of leakage or

  4. any other signs of deterioration.

To maintain infectivity of viruses, specimen collection process and temperature maintenance are important measures.

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