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  • We are in infertility industry for approx two decades
  • We have pan-India presence.
  • We offer all sperm related services under one roof.
  • We freeze sperm & release it only after proper quarantine.
  • Auto-preservation of sperm & its storage has made us unique in this field.
  • We are the sole manufacturer of all consumable required for sperm freezing and preparation.
  • Our innovative achievements are
  1. Sperm freezing without using any biological products
  2. Vitrification of semen without H.S.A…


Best in quality

All liquids are the sterile filter

Widest range of product

All disposables sterilized by γ radiation

Single-use kits

Having a countrywide dedicated team

Latest Blogs

Cryo-survival of Sperm Human semen vitrification

4 – Factors Influencing Sperm Cryo-Survival.

It is well accepted fact that cryo-preservation impairs sperm quality & viable sperm in number. Even after 60 years of …

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Myths & Misconceptions semen vitrification without H.S.A.

8 Myths & Misconceptions About Semen Vitrification

Presently like never before, Vitrification of semen is gaining popularity in research and discussion. Many researchers are working for vitrification …

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Factors Influencing Outcome Of Semen Vitrification In Term Of Recovery, Motility & Overall Result.

Vitrification of semen gives an appropriate result in term of post thaw recovery and motility. Semen Vitrification is convenient & …

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How motility matters fertilizatiom

Sperm Preparation After Vitrification-Thawing In Boiling Water

We are in the continuous process to get best post-thaw motility of sperm after freezing by our newly developed vitrification …

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Vitrification of Semen Donor sperm

Semen Vitrification Can Fix Most of Semen Freeze-Thaw Pitfalls.

Human semen freezing is almost six decades old technique with many up-gradation. Even after being such an old technique still Semen Freezing have many pitfalls. We will focus on the issue; how semen vitrification can fix most of freeze-thaw pitfalls?

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Semen vitrification

Vitrified Semen Thawing at 100 Degree C. & 45 Degree C…

We are working on whole semen freezing by technique of Vitrification. Semen freezing by Vitrification is still under trial. Hence …

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