Sperm Donor,   Semen Donor ——-   Why sperm Donation is required  ?

Every year, approximately   1,60,000 children are born worldwide as a result of donor sperm insemination . Those insemination are performed by physicians when male factor  prevents a couple from conceiving with the husband’s sperm, or when women decide to have a child on their own.

There are hundred  thousands of people in India  (millions worldwide) want to have children, but can not.

Frozen  cell provides them a viable option for realizing their dreams of a family.

Donor’s  Benefit

  • Feeling  like a super hero  by helping someone.
  • Donors are compensated for their participation.  Before initiation of donation, the donors need to cross through a series of  questionnaires, clinical examination & investigation. This process in itself usually requires around one to two weeks.
  • Donors will be also benefited by  —
      1. Regular clinical evaluation
      2. Genetic testing
      3. Regular physical examination
      4. Quarterly  lab test.
      5. Blood group confirmation.
  • All data related to donor are kept secret.


Frozen  Cell requirement

In order to maintain an adequate inventory  of Frozen Semen Sample of a donor’s sperm, minimum one  year continuity is required. We request the donor to donate at least once a week.  Donor requires a 72 hour (not more than 120 hour) period of abstinence, it is mandatory to get acceptable semen sample  quality.

Few  Limitations

  • Between the age of  21 to 30
  • Non  smoker  & non alcoholic
  • Must  be staying  within a range of 10 Kilo meter from our collection center.  The persons staying at more than 10 km can also join, but they will not be compensated  extra.
  • Must not  be involved  in any criminal or anti-social activity.
  • Frozen Cell do not accept  donors with cleft lip / cleft  palate, (even treated) or any genetic deformity.
  • First  sample  will be for quality evaluation  hence non-payable.

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  1. My age 28
    Height 5 foot 5 inch
    Weight :47
    Blood group : O+ve
    Qualification Graduation

    I want to donate sperm

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