Cryovial – I.6 ml

Cryovial – 1.6 ml

Frozen Cell designed Sperm Preservation Cryovial (1.6 ml)  are specifically made to preserve Raw Human Sperm at ultra low temperature, (-1960C) in liquid nitrogen.   Manufactured by utilizing sustenance called high density polyethylene.  For extra safety  there is a silicon squeeze cap. Which make it complete hole proof.  Moreover its twofold thick wall  gives it additional safety .

It is preferably used  for Raw Sperm Preservation.  Moreover it is likewise valuable to preserve washed sperm in higher volume. Further it is useful to preserve any biological fluid or  little piece if tissue.  Its twofold thick wall are sufficiently able to support sudden difference in temperature  from  370C    to   -1960C.

Cap is with external thread. In addition silicon squeeze cap work like spring washer to bolt the outer cap.

Its high thickness wall  and external screw cap  make it appropriate to keep it in fluid nitrogen in spite of  for uncertain period preservation in liquid nitrogen.


  • Preserve Raw Sperm  and any human fluid

  • Capacity – 1.8 ml

  • Workable capacity  – 1.5 ml

  • Double wall & high security cryovial

  • Bottom  oval

  • Silicon press cap.

  • Outer screw cap.

  • Leak proof.

  • Self standing.

  • Sterile by gamma radiation

  • Single Packed

  • Compatible for vitrification

  • Material  –  food grade high density polyethylene

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