Optimum Temperature for Sperm Processing.

Optimum Temperature for Sperm Processing. Current Trends 

Usually  all  sperm processing  is being performed at 37 degree Celsius  or body temperature.

But why   ———-

  • Because it is written in literature ?
  • Because every one is doing it ?
  • Or because it is the normal human body temperature ?

Some physiology   ——

  • The Testes / Scrotum  is located specifically outside the body,  because spermatogenesis  require a  lower temperature  to produce sperms.  That is 2°­ to 8 °C lower than normal body temperature of 37 °C
  • The total process of spermatogenesis (development, maturation and storage)  takes  3 months, including  transport  to  ductal  system  at a temperature   of 32°­ to  35 °C

While processing  the  sperm  ——

  • If temperature  goes upto  40° C  the sperms will start to die and at the temperature of 42° C   — all sperms  will be dead.
  • In developing  country routine validation of lab equipments are not being  done on time, therefore processing temperature is not very precise.
  • Even in developed country man made & machine made mistakes are not very rare.

Our Lab Experience  —–

Our lab is performing approx 1500 sperm processing per month. We noticed that result of  sperm processing at a temperature of 32°­ to 34 °C  was much better  in comparison to 37 °C.
Even the post thaw recovery was better when all processing prior to cryopreservation performed at a temperature of 32°­ to  34 °C.

 Conclusion  —

Considering  the facts of  spermatogenesis ,  lab condition and  our lab experience,  we can conclude that  sperm  processing  will certainly give a better result at a temperature of 32°­  to 34 °C

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