15  Thing  –  No  One  Tells  You About  Use  Of   HSA   In Human  Sperm Freezing


It’s a common practice to use HSA in Human Sperm Freezing Media.  The aim of this post is to make the people aware about use of  HSA  in Human Sperm Freezing Media.  Everybody should  think  before  using  HSA in Human Sperm Freezing Media.

Particularly when they have to preserve their own sperm for future  use.  There is a possibility that  HSA in Human Sperm Freezing Media may be a reason to discard their own sperm in future.

HSA – Human Serum Albumin.

  1. HSA is obtained from third party,  They are not taking any liability / responsibility of disease transmission by HSA. Therefore use of HSA in Human Sperm Freezing Media is being dubious.
  2. HSA supplier mention clearly in their MSDS (or SDS) that they cannot  be held responsible  for transmission of disease caused by blood or blood products.
  3. HSA supplier mention clearly in their MSDS (or SDS) that all human blood products should be handled carefully  and should be considered infectious.
  4. HSA is a Human blood product,  hence can carry  transmissible disease.
  5. HSA composition not know very clearly  and also vary time to time. Therefore even the result may vary with batch to batch.
  6. Nobody provide any data regarding ethnicity & religion of  donor.
  7. Pure vegetarians may avoid using any  blood products.
  8. Till date there is no measure available to detect unidentified and emerging viruses.
  9. Prion is an  additional risk     Till date Prion  Filtration is not  applicable for HSA preparation / processing.
  10. Even detectable viruses can remain undetected because of human  mistake or mechanical failure.
  11. Batches of HSA / blood products has been taken back from market  following viral outbreak.  No data is  available that how many persons got infected by those viral outbreak caused by infected blood products.
  12. In most of the country import & export of human product require lot of documentation. In some country even it is restricted.
  13. Because of HSA,  Human Sperm Freezing Media  need to maintain cold chain. That increase the cost  as well as risk factor during transportation.
  14. It is a great risk for those , who preserve their own sperm for  future use.  They may have to discard  their preserved sperm because of detection of some new viruses or infective organism transmissible by HSA.
  15. Lastly —  why to use HSA  for sperm freezing when 100% chemically defined sperm freezing media is equally effective??

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