Frozen Cell Embryo Transfer Catheter

Frozen Cell offers embryo transfer catheter with soft & smooth tip which is associated with increased pregnancy rate because of its non-traumatic entry in to uterus.

Unique Features

  •   Soft & smooth tip minimizes the trauma.
  •   Malleable outer sheath to adjust different angle of cervix – uterus .
  •   Proper marking on outer sheath and inner tube.
  •   Inner tube & outer sheath both are placed in separate protecting cover.
  •   Outer sheath allows the proper positioning in accordance with patient anatomy. Which facilitates easy passage of embryo loaded inner tube.


  • Inner soft tube — 25 cm (Insert-able)
  • Outer malleable sheath — 20 cm ((Insert-able)
  • Colored hub with easy grip
  • Universal Design


  • Sterilized by Gamma radiation

Technical Description

  • Inner tube ID / OD —- 0.7 mm / 1.5 mm
  • Outer tube ID / OD —- 1.9 mm / 2.3 mm

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