Blood Group of IUI-D Born Child

Blood   Group  of  IUI-D  Born Child Blood group of IUI-D born child is also determined  genetically  as it happen in normally born child.  In most of the case ABO Rh blood type is calculated &  predicted according to child blood type calculator.   Occasionally  Blood Group of IUI-D  born child  is being influenced by  some specific […]

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Den - 2 - An Appropriate kit for Sperm Preparation

Sperm Preparation for ART

Sperm Preparation for ART —-  Why  & How When first  Sperm Preparation for ART started?  It is not very  clear. According  to available data  first IUI started  about a century ago, initially in cattle.  First  Assisted reproductive technology (ART)  baby  “Louise Brown”  took birth on 25 July 1978.  Following his birth,  scope and future expectation […]

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New Extender For Preservation Of Human Spermatozoa

New Extender For Preservation Of  Human Spermatozoa The new extender for preservation of human spermatozoa is without albumin and not having any protein of any origin. It is 100% chemically defined hence can be prepared anywhere without any variation. I expect there is no need to consider about  bad or unknown  consequences of  HSA  by […]

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