Azoospermia After Chemotherapy

Worried About Azoospermia After Chemotherapy

Worried  About  Azoospermia  After Chemotherapy Here is why you should  Preserve sperm with zero risk of disease transmission for future use perticularly after chemotherapy. Since  incidence of carcinoma is increasing in fertile age. Therefore  use of chemotherapy is getting more common .  Azoospermia After Chemotherapy means drastic reduction in sperm count after chemotherapy. Most […]

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Pros & Cones Of HSA Free Human Sperm Freezing Medium

Pros & Cones Of  HSA  Free  Human  Sperm Freezing  Medium Human Sperm freezing is becoming more popular  with increase in the rate of infertility and other factors.  HSA  free Human Sperm freezing medium is a demand of time. HSA (Human serum albumin) is having many drawbacks including transmission of unidentified and emerging viruses.  Our this […]

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