Past, Present & Future of IUI

Past , Present & Future of IUI

Past , Present & Future of IUI Introduction :—   IUI is a very old  as well as  established method to treat infertility. The aim of this presentation  ‘Past , Present & Future of IUI’  is to make people  aware about future of  IUI.  In future what should be the aim and how it can be […]

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Cryo-Preserved Sperm – Freezing to Insemination

Cryo-Preserved Sperm- Freezing to Insemination Human sperm are being preserved  with certain  indications. Donor sperm are preserved to keep it viable for longer period, quarantine to rule out some disease, etc.  Husband serum is also preserved  in certain medical condition.  In usual way  sperm  is first cryo – preserved , quarantined  followed by  Intrauterine  insemination  […]

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