Den - 2 - An Appropriate kit for Sperm Preparation

Sperm Preparation for ART

Sperm Preparation for ART —-  Why  & How When first  Sperm Preparation for ART started?  It is not very  clear. According  to available data  first IUI started  about a century ago, initially in cattle.  First  Assisted reproductive technology (ART)  baby  “Louise Brown”  took birth on 25 July 1978.  Following his birth,  scope and future expectation […]

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Sperm Nutrition in Culture Media

Sperm Nutrition in Culture Media SOME FACTS — Human sperm is the smallest cell in human body Fructose is mainly used as fuel by sperm A cell can take only amino acid either by active or passive mechanism Only Amino Acids can cross the cell wall of a sperm not albumin. Sperm Nutrition in Culture Media SOME DISCUSSION — […]

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