New Extender For Preservation Of Human Spermatozoa

New Extender For Preservation Of  Human Spermatozoa

The new extender for preservation of human spermatozoa is without albumin and not having any protein of any origin. It is 100% chemically defined hence can be prepared anywhere without any variation. I expect there is no need to consider about  bad or unknown  consequences of  HSA  by using this extender(when composition of HSA is not very clear).

Unlike conventional semen extender, the New Extender For Preservation Of Human Spermatozoa is without albumin. Hence  does not contain any crude protein . Protein is a very complex molecule  among  all organic compounds.  Source of albumin , used for spermatozoa  preservation, is either  human or animal.  The newly developed New Extender For Preservation Of Human Spermatozoa does not contain albumin. Hence  the  New Extender For Preservation Of Human Spermatozoa does not have any bad effect of  protein (know or unknown) on spermatozoa.                                              

Human sperm preservation medium

Sperm preservation has been started in 1960.  Many form of protein used  e.g. patient own plasma, egg yolk, milk protein, coconut water, bovine serum, human serum albumin, etc. For last two decades Human Serum Albumin is in common use as a component of semen extender for human.  Presently  human serum albumin is an integral  a part of human sperm preservation medium.

Human sperm cryo-preservation

There are two method of Human SpermPreservation

  1. Raw sperm cryo-preservation  —  In this method Human Sperm Cryo-preservation is done without washing the sperm or separating the sperm from seminal fluid, debris,  dead sperm, epithelial cell, foreign body etc. After liquefaction of semen we  add extender slowly  with  liquefied semen.  This method require washing of thawed semen before insemination.  This method have the benefit of preserving antioxidant of  seminal plasma.  Which helps in post thaw motility  recovery of sperm.  This method  of semen cryopreservation  is in very common use.

  2. Washed sperm preservation  — This is Human Sperm  Preservation  after washing.  Most frequently  we wash the the semen  by density gradient method.  Washing of semen effectively remove  debris, dead sperm and foreign body, if any. Concentrated sperm comes in the form of a pellet. Followed by mixing the pellet  with appropriate cryo-preservative media  to freeze the sperm. In this method preserved sperms are free from natural antioxidant.  Seminal plasma (separated) is a good source of antioxidant.

The Newly Designed  Semen Extender.

The newly designed (New Extender For Preservation Of Human Spermatozoa)  semen extender work well with both method of sperm preservation, whether raw or washed sperm.  Certainly we use different concentration of constituent (particularly Glycerol)  for  raw sperm cryo-preservation and washed sperm preservation.  The new extender for preservation of human spermatozoa  is a mixture of  sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sod. lactate, EDTA, taurine, KH2PO4, sod. bicarbonate, sucrose, glycine,  hepes, gentamycin, glycerol.  As a substitute of  albumin (particularly human serum albumin)  we used amino acids and  sodium hyaluronate.  Perhaps Amino acids works as nutrient , but its role is not clear at this point of time. But certainly amino acids is helpful to in post thaw recovery.  Sodium hyaluronate defiantly reduce the stickiness of sperm with glass slide and cover slip  and increase the maintenance of motility. We dont  have any scope here to discuss Sodium hyaluronate role in capacitation.  It increase the motility, particularly progressive forward  motility.

Discussion  — My aim is to develop a new extender for the preservation of human spermatozoa. Which can be prepared anywhere without any variation.  The present new extender   contain all known chemicals. Therefore its action and reaction is more evident in comparison to  HSA containing semen extender . With this newly developed extender there is all possibility to modify it  according to the demand of situation or individual.


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