Pros & Cones Of HSA Free Human Sperm Freezing Medium

Pros & Cones Of  HSA  Free  Human  Sperm Freezing  Medium

Human Sperm freezing is becoming more popular  with increase in the rate of infertility and other factors.  HSA  free Human Sperm freezing medium is a demand of time. HSA (Human serum albumin) is having many drawbacks including transmission of unidentified and emerging viruses.  Our this publication  is focused over pros & cones of HSA free human sperm freezing media.

1/   Pros of using HSA free human sperm freezing  medium.

  • Known chemical composition,  NO  batch to batch variation

  • Free of human, animal or avian protein

  • Complete protection from disease transmission (including unidentified & emerging viruses)

  • Suppose to be free from any allergy

  • Minimum probability of getting contaminated

  • Cold chain maintenance not mandatory during transportation

  • Good post thaw recovery of sperm.

  • Very good post thaw progressive motility.

  • Can’t be refused on the basis of humanity, religion or ethnicity.

  • Self life should be long.

  • Cost effective in comparison to HSA containing freezing media.

  • Theoretically it looks very safe & should be effective too.

  • May be a model to freeze  other cell & organs.

2/  Cons  of using HSA free human sperm freezing  medium.

  • Success rate & complication yet to establish.

  • Till now under trial only

  • Maintenance of motility is presently poor after 12 hour of thawing – Hope once inseminated, motility  maintenance will be good enough.

  • Manufacturer of HSA and animal protein may go against this drive.

Discussion  regarding  use  of  HSA Free Human Sperm Freezing Medium

Many article has been published against the  use of HSA or animal protein or avian protein in sperm freezing media. It  is documented everywhere that sperm freezing media which contain any human, animal or avian protein can transmit infection. Its a time to find out an alternate of HSA  particularly  for the IUI.  Worldwide millions of IUI are being performed annually . We understand that all possible measures are being  taken to keep HSA, FBS, or Egg yolk free  from ant transmissible  disease .  But there is a fair possibility  of man made and  other mistake.

Most  important we do not have any way to prevent transmission of  disease may caused by  unidentified  of emerging  viruses.   Spread of disease by  unidentified  or emerging  viruses may  result even in an pandemic spread of some dreadful disease and  cause huge mortality & morbidity.

Frozen  Cell  aim to make IUI ( Intra Uterine  Insemination) safe and approachable to every one  who are in need of it.

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